Our goals are:

Dr. Karickhoff - lecture at Duke University
Duke University Lecture
  1. To make this new procedure and its technology known to doctors and patients throughout the world. (This is being accomplished by the 11 methods listed below.), and
  2. To effectively and safely vaporize eye floaters that are causing disability and decreasing the quality of life of patients throughout the world. (This is being accomplished by our active medical practice of local, national (all 52 U. S. states), and international patients (29 foreign countries).

Sharing the Procedure and Teaching Eye Doctors

Doctor Karickhoff realized that Sharing the Procedure and Teaching Eye Doctors would be premature and unsuccessful until this procedure was first (1) proven safe and effective, (2) the lasers were approved by the F.D.A., and (3) a book was written so doctors had a way to learn the procedure.

Book Cover
  1. Therefore, Doctor Karickhoff performed a 200 patient study over a two year period. The study was supervised by the Institutional Review Board of INOVA Fairfax Hospital and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The study found that the procedure was effective in 92% of patients done and there were no complications (see Our Formal Study page).
  2. Doctor Karickhoff wrote and submitted the application to the FDA, did the equipment review, the literature review, and the patient studies necessary for their judgment. He received the judgment from the FDA that doctors could use their present FDA approved lasers to treat floaters (see F.D.A. and Floaters page).
  3. Dr. Karickhoff wrote the book, Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters that contains essentially everything known about the history, the equipment, and the surgical techniques of this procedure. It remains the only book on this subject (see Our Book page).

After completing the above three tasks, Dr. Karickhoff is now Sharing the Procedure with the world and Teaching Eye Doctors by:

  1. Establishing this website.
  2. Founding a publishing company and publishing the book. At this time 280 eye doctors have purchased his book, Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters and have learned from it. This book is, at present, the only way to learn the procedure. There are no courses, lectures, tapes, or videos.
  3. Logo On March 15, 2007 an article written by Dr. Karickhoff about laser treatment of eye floaters that was published in Ocular Surgery News, our most widely read eye journal. This article, containing the very positive results of his 200 patient study cited above, introduced this new procedure to thousands of eye doctors. (see Article)
  4. The American Academy of Ophthalmology selected Dr. Karickhoff as the only doctor to ever present this procedure at their annual meeting (the largest meeting of ophthalmologists in the world). See the visual part of that presentation.
  5. Logo The American Academy of Ophthalmology asked Dr. Karickhoff to give an interview to the Associated Press about his floater work. That AP article appeared in hundreds of newspapers and hundreds of news web sites. (see Article)
  6. He gave a lecture on this procedure as the first invited lecture at the new Albert Eye Research Institute of Duke University.
  7. He gave a lecture to the doctors of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and a lecture to the Virginia Society of Ophthalmology.
  8. He gave a lecture to the Virginia Society of Opthamology.
Group photo

These Russian specialist doctors, who were chosen as emerging leaders, came to Dr. Karickhoff's office for their only group medical lecture. It was on "Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters". They also attended a seminar at the National Institute of Health and visited hospitals. They were here under a U. S. Congress sponsored program in conjunction with Rotary International.

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