Chinese man needing assistance with eye floaters Most of our eye floater patients come from out of town via the web site and most e-mail me a time or two before coming.

We never saw this patient but his e-mail copied below was very touching. Probably the writer was learning English. He seems to use the word “iller” to mean someone who is ill.

“I am the one of chinese iller who feel sorry for eyefloaters, and in China there are many many people have eyefloaters and all of them fell very bad for it, many iller even said they want to end their life, and the rest of feel hopeless for their lives, but in china there are no hospital can treat it, when we see your web, we feel exciting and hope come!!! So dear doctor please come to china because there a larger number of people need your help!  And you are the only hope for us!! If you have no time to come now please know many many people is waiting for you doctor! Please come!!!”

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