A music professor presented with vitreous floaters so striking that they were chosen for the front cover of my book.

He had one large eye (vitreous) floater in each eye. When he was conducting and looked from the orchestra to the score, the floaters criss-crossed and blocked his reading of the music. The examination revealed a large Weiss ring in his right eye and a larger Weiss ring in his left eye that looked like a ring of the planet Saturn.

vitreous eye floaters
Conductor's floaters: pre op.
vitreous eye floaters removed
Conductor's floaters: post op.

The laser treatment completely cleared the ring from each eye, totally relieving his problem. He also had a very fair complexion and a particularly blond retina, making the Weiss rings especially visible for photography. Because of this, and his presenting with a ring in both eyes, his floaters were chosen for the cover of our book of Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters.

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