For better or for worse, after gaining significant experience, one starts to do the more difficult cases.

Baseball batter at home plate

The patient:

  1. had had radial keratotomy (which places incisions in the cornea),
  2. had glaucoma,
  3. had reduced dilation,
  4. the floater was located 3/4's of the way to the retina,
  5. his wife was against having the procedure done,
  6. he was a physician, and
  7. he had come from out of state.

I thought I could help him, so the case was done, without complication. I looked forward to examining him the next morning.

He returned the next morning and happily reported that the floater was gone. However, my postoperative examination was never done because during his dilation his wife pulled him out of the office, saying she had to get to New York to shop!

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