He was 58 years old, at the peak of his career, nationally known, and served on the American Board of his dental sub-specialty. But…he could not see to operate!

Dentist performing procedure

His story was that he had had two retinal detachments in his left eye. His retina was surgically reattached. Through no fault of the surgery, his vision returned to only 20/200 (legal blindness for that eye). Unfortunately, five years later he developed a central floater cloud in his right eye…the eye he was using to do dental surgery. He returned to the eye center where he had had his retinal surgery. They incorrectly told him that the only treatment for the floater in his good eye was the vitrectomy operation which removes all the fluid of the eye along with the floater. They also said that they could not do that operation on him because that operation’s complication rate was too high to do on someone’s only good eye. Although he was at the nation’s top eye center, they sadly explained that they had nothing to offer to him.

The dentist learned of the laser procedure for floaters on the internet and came here for consultation. I explained that I had done the laser procedure on about 150 patients with only one eye This included some patients who had one glass eye. I further explained that I had done the laser procedure nearly every day for 15 consecutive years with zero complications, and that extraordinary safety record justified doing the procedure on someone’s only good eye.

Two treatments, a day apart, removed the floaters, and he was able again to comfortably do dental surgery.

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