A man came from western Virginia who had a very large cloud type floater that was suspended by only one strand...

Vitreous Eye Floater pre-op Vitreous eye floater post op that seemed to come from 10 o’clock in the eye down to the vitreous floater which was large and blocked his central vision (see left photo). The floater, which was near his lens, swung in and out of his line of sight changing the vision from 20/20 to legal blindness for that eye. He was nearly suicidal from this floater changing his vision so extremely several times per minute. Using a special surgical contact lens that allowed me to work near his lens, the suspending strand was cut with two laser shots at low power (see right photo).

Instantly the vitreous floater went to the bottom of the eye. The next day he confirmed that the floater was gone and that his vision stayed at a clear 20/20 all the time. Using only two shots made this one of our shortest operations. His visual problem had been so severe, that after the surgery he thanked us many times and could be called our most “grateful” patient. Strangely enough, he disappeared and never paid his bill.

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