Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters
John R. Karickhoff, M.D.
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232 Pages
Washington Medical Publishing, LLC
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English US
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The revolutionary, effective, and safe office procedure described in this book solves the floater problem for most patients.

Every eye doctor should have this book so they can knowledgeably advise, refer, or treat patients with visually significant floaters.

book cover Although intended for doctors, this book will be easily understood by patients. This is the world's only physician authored book on this subject. There are no courses, lecture series, resident training, or videos. This book is the sole source of extensive information on this topic (see Table of Contents below). The book is based on over 1,200 operations by the author, our FDA/ IRB supervised study of 200 eyes (success in 92% of patients and zero significant complications), our many research projects, and techniques and devices the author designed for this procedure.

What You Will Learn from the book:

  • Our 16 techniques to treat Weiss rings and other floater associated with posterior vitreous detachments (success in 96% of cases);
  • The treatment techniques for each of 20 types of floaters;
  • The unusual success and safety of this laser treatment;
  • If you are a candidate for this procedure;
  • Indications and contraindications;
  • Eight methods to examine for floaters;
  • Laser plasma physics of floater vaporization;
  • CPT codes to receive payment in 100% of cases;
  • Eight ways the retina is protected on every shot;
  • How to test your laser for suitability;
  • Our evaluation of different lasers;
  • Selection of contact lenses and gonio fluid;
  • How to avoid potential complications;
  • Hundreds of original observations; and
  • Hundreds of other necessary facts.

Laser treatment of eye floaters:

  • is a painless, non-invasive (no intraocular infections), 20 minute office procedure;
  • there are no restrictions on activities;
  • there is almost always full recovery in 24 hours;
  • very low complication rate (0.16%);
  • low complication rate justifies treatment of visually significant floaters;
  • it is a precise obliteration of the floaters without removal of vitreous;
  • is equally appropriate for general ophthalmologists and retinal specialists;
  • is effective in approximately 92% of cases done;
  • is much safer than vitrectomy (see Chapter 2);
  • is much less expensive than vitrectomy;
  • largely vaporizes floaters, not break them into smaller floaters
  • there is no bleeding because there is no blood supply to floaters;
  • has a CPT code and is covered by all, or nearly all, insurance companies including Medicare;
  • uses equipment with which all eye surgeons are familiar (a YAG laser and a surgical contact lens); and
  • laser treatment of eye floaters is an off-label use of the YAG laser (see FDA and Floaters page).

Table of Contents

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