No Treatment for Floaters? Don't Believe It!

I am an attorney by trade, and for me, the computer is my most important tool. However, with the onset of floaters in my left eye, it became one I could no longer use. Any eye movement set the floaters in motion, highlighted against the white computer screen. Soon, many of the other things in life that define who I am became too difficult. Reading, driving, playing the trumpet-even sitting alone on my deck staring up at birds against a bright blue sky-no longer gave me any pleasure. Then when the snow fell here in the Minneapolis area, a bad situation became even worse, as the black dots and lines that were my floaters stood in permanent stark contrast to the white ground.

The doctors I consulted locally, after diagnosing me with posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) but giving my retina a clean bill of health, were surprisingly unconcerned about the floaters left behind by the PVD. I heard two phrases again and again that cut like a knife each time: "There is no treatment for floaters," and "You'll get used to them." When I persisted, arranging for a second opinion and then a third, they seemed almost embarrassed by my lack of stoicism.

Well, thank God for the Internet! I looked at many Web sites, but most of them were "floater chat groups" offering a lot of complaints but no solutions. Finally, one night I found Dr. Karickhoff's site, setting in motion a series of events that has led me to where I am now, basically floater free! That's right, a quick and painless procedure, performed in Dr. Karickhoff's clinic, has completely removed the big ugly floater that was my worst enemy, and almost all of his little friends! Words cannot express the joy I am feeling as I rediscover the world through clear eyes!

My purpose in this letter is to inspire others suffering from floaters to have hope, to encourage them to read the materials in the Dr.'s Web site, and to consider getting in touch with him. Anyone who does will soon discover that Dr. Karickhoff is a remarkable man who quite simply delivers amazing results.

Tim ...
Apple Valley, Minnesota
February, 2001

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