September 16, 2011

Dear Dr. Karickhoff,

I wanted to write you a letter of appreciation for the complete removal of my insidious right eye floater. Since this is my only "good eye", the visual interference bothered me greatly. I was nervous because I had little to fall back on if the procedure failed. I had been praying for guidance when I came across your website at Southern California is my home so a cross country flight would be necessary for treatment. You called me personally after my e-mail inquiry; and your experience, confidence and loving bedside manner calmed my fears.

After a thorough examination you discovered an especially dense "horizontal log" directly in my line of sight.

You were successful in eliminating this object, although you needed nearly five hundred laser shots and three sittings to do so. I felt absolutely no pain during or after the procedure.

Rarely have my expectations been exceeded by the results in any medical experience the way this was. You and your staff were truly interested in me as a person; you were committed to an excellent result, and persevered until that was reached. I rate my vision improvement at 100%.

Please allow any future patients to call me for the details of my experience in your office.

Larry -----, DDS
(714) 840------

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