I chose Dr. Karickhoff for laser treatment of floaters in my left eye. I could have gone anywhere, and, indeed, I researched my options in the US and Europe for 6 months. You see, I am an ophthalmologist like Dr. Karickhoff, but I specialize in pediatric ophthalmology in Salt Lake City, Utah.

There are a few points I'd like to make to help any patients who might be considering laser treatment for floaters and coming to Dr. Karickhoff.

One, there is a misperception among some ophthalmologists that laser is not worth doing because the symptoms do not improve significantly, and it is of "unknown" risk, I think the contrary is true. Simply put, YAG laser works, and the risks in Doctor Karickhoff's hands, as he has written in his book, is that one patient developed glaucoma out of about 3500 patients.

Two, there is a misperception among some ophthalmologists that the visual symptoms caused by floaters can be ignored. I think that is true for some minor floaters, but not large, dense vitreous floaters. If you are down because of the visual problems from floaters, that is real.

Three, Dr. Karickhoff is very competent. He personally developed the appropriate lenses used for laser to keep the laser beam focused on the vitreous floaters and away from the other structures in the eye. Further, he has innovated over his career in ophthalmology with esteemed universities. He has been awarded honors for his work by them. My best guess is that Dr. Karickhoff has done something like 20,000 total eye surgeries in his career. Finally, I bought his book on the laser treatment of floaters, and read it critically. lt is an excellent, detailed recounting of his experience. It goes into great detail elucidating the complexity of laser treatment of vitreous floaters and how to tailor the treatment for each individual patient based on their particular case.

In short, there may be other equally competent ophthalmologists out there for laser treatment of floaters who have written extensively on floaters and innovated for this treatment, but I could not find them.

My personal story is like many on Dr. Karickhoff's website. I had a posterior vitreous detachment with vitreous opacities that reduced clarity of vision in my left eye terribly and caused severe glare that obscured my wife's face in conversation if she were in front of light or a window, I had trouble driving at night, Using a computer was troublesome. I felt that I could still perform eye surgery, but that I would need to stop operating if my opposite eye developed the same problem. I play goalie in ice hockey, a great love of mine, and that was not going well. I was getting pretty down.

After the laser treatment, I can see again. I can do everything again like before.

In my particular case, some, easily ignorable floaters remain, as Dr. Karickhoff had counseled me. I can easily live with them. I feel like my life is back on track.

Thank you so very much Dr. Karickhoff.

I feel very, very lucky that Dr. Karickhoff has devoted his practice to this troublesome and neglected problem in ophthalmology.

Again, thanks, John, for giving me my vision back.

David Dries, M.D., Ophthalmologist

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