1. Karickhoff Four Mirror Lens Designed the Karickhoff Four Mirror Contact Lens used for floater evaluation. This contact gives an accurate estimate of the distance from the floater to the lens and retina. (The three surgical contact lenses pictured here are manufactured by Ocular Instruments, Inc. in Bellevue, Washington.)
  2. Designed the Karickhoff Floater Finder. (This is a simple device that allows the patient to spot his floater on a paper with ocular landmarks. This reveals to the doctor the location of the floater and its distance from the retina.)
  3. Developed the Karickhoff Patient Assisted Method for finding small elusive floaters. (A tiny pencil of light is shown into the patient's eye. The patient moves their eye until they see their floater in the light. The doctor then searches that area.)
  4. Karickhoff 21 mm Vitreous Lense Designed the Karickhoff 21 mm. Vitreous Lens used for treating floaters in the central visual axis.
  5. Researched and wrote the application to the United States Food and Drug Administration which resulted in approval of the study of Laser Treatment of Vitreous Opacities as a Non-significant Risk Study and gained their approval of YAG lasers for this procedure.
  6. Designed and built the first shot counter for the Laserex LQP 4106 laser.
  7. Developed the Karickhoff Method of Demonstrating the Floater to the patient. (This allows the patient to clearly view their floater.)
  8. Performed the only United States Food and Drug Administration / Institutional Review Board supervised study on Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters.
  9. Karickhoff Off Axis Vitreous Lens Designed the Karickhoff Off-Axis Vitreous Lens used for treating floaters peripheral to the central visual axis.
  10. Wrote and supplied the graphics for an educational web site for Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters, www.eyefloaters.com.
  11. Developed an internet based subspecialty practice for laser treatment of floaters (patients have come from all 50 states and 27 foreign countries).
  12. Developed the Karickhoff Severity of Floater Symptoms Formula. (This allows the doctor to predict how dramatic will be the improvement in symptoms from obliteration of the floater.)
  13. Through experimentation learned how to make an excellent gonioscopic fluid. (Gonioscopic fluid is used under a surgical contact lens for the floater procedure. Our fluid is easily irrigated off the eye so the patient can see to drive home. The commercial preparations blur the vision for an hour or more.)
  14. Book cover - Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters Wrote the only book on Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters.

  15. Reported in the book hundreds of original observations and techniques and 15 completed research projects.
  16. Recognized the "Floater Duet", named it, and described its treatment.
  17. Made possible the treatment of many formerly untreatable floaters in the peripheral vitreous with two prismatic surgical contact lenses he designed.
  18. Made possible the treatment of many formerly untreatable floaters in the posterior vitreous with (a) a long focal length surgical contact lens he designed and (b) his discovery of the Moses Maneuver which moves floaters away from the retina so they can be safely treated.

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