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Fun In Falls Church Virginia
Dr. Karickhoff's office in Falls Church, VA
Our Office


Falls Church VA City Hall
Falls Church City Hall

(There are no restrictions on activities the days of surgery.  You are free in the afternoons.  Your eye may sting slightly for a hour after surgery.)


Falls Church takes it name for a little wooden church (Episcopal) completed in 1733.  It was known as "The Falls Church " because of its proximity to the Little Falls of the Potomac River .  Members of the church (located one block south of Broad Street on Lee Highway,see Map above) were Francis Scott Key, author of  "The Star Spangled Banner", George Mason, architect of Virginia' Bill of Rights, and George Washington.


Live music every night in a top ranked venue for all of Washington .   State of the art sound system, all good seats, excellent bands, acts, and good food.  Have a nice supper and see a show without going to D.C. 220 N. Washington Street (two blocks from our office, see Map above).  Their schedule of entertainment is at www.thestatetheatre.com. Phone (703) 237-0300.


Small, informal restaurant, bar, with live entertainment every night.  0.6 miles from our office.  926 W. Broad Street.  Phone (703) 534-0095.  Schedule of bands at www.bangkokblues.com.


When you walk out of the parking lot level exit of our office you are facing the back of a small strip mall.  Turn left and walk around the side of the mall.  Starbucks is the first business you come to in the mall.


Falls Church is recognized for this.  We had 26 at last count.  Most are on Broad Street, going west from our office.


Local brewed beers (root beer too) and excellent food. (703) 942-6840. 444 W.Broad Street (across from Inns of Virginia Motel).  www.MadFoxBrewing.com


Washington 's largest shopping malls are Tysons Corner I and II.  They are 4 miles from our office going west of Route 7 ( Broad Street ).  For Tysons I, after crossing over Beltway 495, turn right at third street.  For Tysons II (the newer), turn right at the fourth street (International Drive).

Seven Corner Mallis smaller than the above.  From our office go east on Broad Street for about 1.5 miles.


The city park is directly across Park Avenue from our office.  It is a wooded park with benches, tables, shelter, and children's playground.  It is a very nice area to eat a carry out lunch.  Free.


The city library adjoins our parking lot.  Comfortable chairs, many newspapers, magazines, and free internet access.


The Falls Church News-Press, www.fcnp.com, is distributed free in most restaurants.  It comes out each Thursday.  The newspaper, but not the web site, lists local events and concerts.


Thousands of CD's and DVD's at bargain prices.  Buy, trade or sell them. It's a nice place to pass some time.  709-B W. Broad Street (about 3 blocks from our office).  Phone (703) 534-6318.


They will give you a map and listing of stores. 417 W. Broad Street, #207.  Phone (703) 532-1050.  www.fallschurchchamber.org.


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